Microsoft Zune 2 Vs. Apple Ipod

Recently the Microsoft Zune 2 has been announced (and has a release date of November 13th). To be honest, i thought the first Zune was far away back in the race as to even come close to being a competition for Apple’s ongoing success with iPods. I’m not really a fanboy of either company (i like Sony the best, but their MP3 players are the worst frankly). I think the new Microsoft Zune 2 is a legit competitor to the new iPod generation.
Zune Sideways
Ok. first of all, the Microsoft Zune 2 sports a gorgeous 3.5 inch screen (no info yet on clarity to be compared with ipod) which ipods fail to have. For some reason, iPod doesn’t want to give more space for the screen, and push the click wheel a little lower. Anyways, i think a 3.5inch screen is a big advantage, especially if you’re planning to watch TV shows on your player.
Another important aspect, for some people, is size and weight. The Apple lineup actually has smaller sizes than corresponding models in the Microsoft lineup.
I think that the Apple nano is getting better, especially with even smaller size and a more reasonable screen than its predecessor. The problem with the new lineup is the iPod Classic. Where’s the difference between iPod classic and iPod video? As far as I can see, there is no notable change (except for the sleeker look and it being thinner). Why won’t Apple stretch that screen a little? They’re giving more than enough room for the click wheel, when they should use that space for the screen.
iPod Nano
Bottom line is, i think having a slightly bigger sized portable media player with a bigger screen is better than a small sized player with a small screen. Plus, the Zune has an improved “clickwheel” now being called the “squiggle” (or something like that) which is a smart idea for navigation. It’s not a circle like the clickwheel, but even better with more direction sensing. Furthermore, you can click, press directionally, or flick the “squiggle” to navigate between items on the Zune. I think the Zune has made a huge leap taken into consideration it’s only their second generation of Zunes.
iPod Classic

UPDATE: check out the Zune Vs. Ipod Smackdown at Engadget.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Zune 2 Vs. Apple Ipod”

  1. December 15, 2007 at 11:09 am

    iRiver > everything else! I dont like the Zune because you can’t drag and drop and it proprietary software and the same goes for apple! iTunes takes over your computer, my complaint list goes up the wall!

  2. December 21, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    The Zune, it’s crackalakin! lol… I had to say that.

    The iriver is awesome. After so many years (4+) of ipod addiction I left it for the iriver and its great – so far.

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