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I have been listening to a couple of different artists and albums lately and though i would share my thoughts about some albums.
Chris Brown’s Exclusive
This is not the best album from Chris Brown … nor is it considered bad. There are some good songs on the album (Nice ft. The Game, Wall To Wall) and there are some songs that just suck. Overall, a pretty decent album to listen to when you have nothing else to listen to — 3.5/5.

J. Holiday’s Back of My Lac
This is one of the best albums i’ve heard in nearly five years. Not many people like RnB, but if you do, you have to listen to this album. Being famous by the hit single “Bed”, this album also has a couple other good tracks such as “Betcha Never Had”, “Be With Me”, and my personal favorite “Come Here”. This is definetly one of the best albums i’ve heard in a long while — 5/5.

Pitbull’s The Boat Lift
The new album by Pitbull is a pretty good one. There are several good tracks on there, “Un Poquito” being my favorite (please don’t laugh at me, i really don’t know what that means — if someone does, please tell me :P). There are also a couple of other good tracks on there — 4/5.


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