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10,000 BC – Review

10,000 BC

This movie starts up slow and bad, picks up to become worse, and ends up in the worst way there could be. Although there was a reason for me to be there (Camilla Belle), the acting was trash. Also, the copy of the movie that Cinescape has is worse than a copy u get of the movie for 1KD. Seriously! The movie sucks, it is not clear, and not worth the money. So unless you don’t have an internet connection to look at videos of Camilla Belle on Youtube, you have no reason to go watch this movie. Final Score 5/10 (partially for Camilla Belle, and partially for the effort they put in the filming). DON’T GO.




I was at Wasabi yesterday (for the first time in my life!) – the one at “Duwar il Bidi3”. The place mostly serves sushi (which i don’t eat), but there were lots of alternatives. Me and my friends tried the California Roll (good), a dish of breaded crab or something (excellent), breaded chicken dish (OK), beef noodles (good), and ROCK SHRIMP (THE BEST). I LOVED IT, and I LOVED THE PLACE! I’m definetly going to go there again (especially at al bidi3, cuz the place is really nice there). I highly recommend it for everyone, even if you don’t eat Sushi. I guess this place comes second after Johnny Rockets on My Favorite Rests. In Kuwait List. 😀

Breaded Crab Dish


One Missed Call – Review

One Missed Call

I’m not going to waste my time with a review on this movie. It SUCKS. DON’T GO SEE IT. (excpet if you want to spend 3KD the worst way you can).

Score: 2.5/10


Double Delight’s Caramel Waffles


Waffles for around 200 fils don’t get any better than this. Plus, they are 10x better than the ones you get from Starbucks.


Rambo IV – Review

Rambo IV

Now i must say that the movie shows so much effort put into it. Although there is really no plot (just people killing each other), it was a movie for the action-thirsty viewrs. It was a great watch, but really nothing more than that. A little disappointing, but pretty well masked with the special effects and cinematography. 6/10

Rambo IV



I’ve just finished watching this movie, and it was one hell of a ride. The movie wasn’t outstanding, but it was pretty good. A full action packed movie that is worth the ride. The movie stars Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel. I know this is a somewhat old movie, but i never got to see it. Next up on my list of movies that i missed: Deja Vu. All in all a pretty decent movie, worth the watch — 7.5/10 (the 0.5 is cuz Jessica Biel starred in this movie :P)


Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck
I am not the best at reviewing stuff, especially movies….but here’s something: Good Luck Chuck ROCKS! This movie is one of the best movies i’ve seen in 2007 (if not the best). Unlike the overhyped “Superbad”, this movie actually made me laugh – let alone the fact that Jessica Alba stars in this movie. The movie actually has a little twist to set it apart from the pointless comedies that we see these days. The cast is really funny, and the way each character is developed in this movie is really smart. This is a must see for anyone either looking for a laugh or a decent movie. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this movie – 10/10 (Just PERFECT!)
oh, and i cant help but mention the tagline: “True love is a blessing and a curse. She’s the blessing. He’s cursed.”

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