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3ishrat 3omor


3ishrat 3omor moo ya3ni it5awnoon oo it-hidoonna oo ba3dain it3aloon as3arkum!!

(Picture taken by phone camera)


To Marzouq

I don’t know why the hell, bes wordpress somehow put your comment as spam! (your comment on the post “Lost”) …. i have moderated it now and approved it. Excuse me for that 🙂


Twisted Ankle Saga – Continues…

Ok. So i told you previously that i twisted my ankle badly on new year’s…Here is the story which took place two days ago.
When I first went to “Mustashfa Mbarak” – Mubarak Hospital – everything was fine and they put “half a cast” for my ankle. They told me that one week later, i should report back to “Mustashfa il Razy” – Al Razi Hospital -. Anyways, i went two days ago to Al Razi (i was skipping school to do that) to check my ankle. The place was extremely crowded. I arrived there around 8:30am. There were only 18 people before me in line to see the doctor (supposedly he IS a doctor). I waited for what seemed to be five hours (not that i wasn’t happy i’m skipping school :P). Then, i got real angry and decided to knock on the door and see what’s going on. When i went in, there were a bunch of people with different injuries. I asked the “doctor” why are the numbers not changing…and he said they are. I told him that its been 45 minutes and the number hasn’t changed. And he told me this: “tha numbar iz muuving but da sign out no work…but tha numbar is moving inside.” Translation: HE IS ONE HELL OF AN IDIOT! Real translation: what was going on was that he was changing the numbers from inside, and the line was moving, but the digital sign outside doesn’t work…and he KNOWS it doesn’t work!! I mean, how the hell are we going to know the line is moving. La2 oo ib kil burood igool inna he is pressing the button to change the numbers inside!!! YA3NI SH-HAL SA6LA??!!
Anyhow, I had my way screaming at him…and he checked my ankle like this:
“Okk…letme seeeee tha x-ray”
– i handed him the x-ray –
“okk…good good” (in his weird indian accent….it wasn’t just indian!) … “Evereeeeeting iz fine here…let tha sister take off da cast.
– i gave him my trademark WTF look – “They sent me all the way from Mubarak one week later to take off the cast!! (it wasn’t a very hard cast….anyone can take it off at home).
So again, i had my way screaming and shouting at him in a civilized manner of course (sarcasm).
Believe me, ay a7ad ib mokani binarfiz ib 6aree8a it5ali i9eer maynoon.


Barbershop Incident

This is not a long story, but it has a point. I just came back from the barbershop and thought i would share an incident that happened there. There was this guy (around 30 approx.), and he was getting his haircut. Unfortunately for the barber, the guy was smoking while he was getting his hair cut. Now here’s my point:
1. He broke the rules of the shop (There were two signs that said NO SMOKING).
2. He was puffing the smoke right into the barber’s face!

I mean, couldn’t he wait 20mins? Is he going to die if he doesn’t smoke in 20mins? This is just stupid. Thankfully though, it wasn’t a 12 year old.


Q8 Starbucks?!

First of all let me start by saying: WTF??!! I can’t believe that there are such people. Starbucks sucks! They’re making starbucks an addiction now! Why the hell would someone make a site about starbucks in kuwait with pictures of babies?! This site is one of the weirdest out there. This is stupid. Check out their site to see what i’m talking about.

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