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My Quest Continues…

Macbook AIR

Ok, so everybody pretty much knows the new Macbook AIR…and is familiar with it. Here is what I think after first glance: This is definetly going to be my next notebook. After second thought: It’s disappointing!

Here’s my point:
Yes, the Macbook AIR is smaller and more powerful than the Sony Vaio SZ. But here’s what you discarded at first-glance-comparison between these two notebooks:
1. The Sony’s notebook finishing is much much better. (Black is always classier, and when you have a chrome glass-shiny laptop, there’s just no competition).
2. The Macbook AIR, although more powerful than the Sony Vaio SZ, it is actually weak and lacks alot of the definition of “powerful” in today’s laptops. First of all, it doesn’t support Hi-Def (no optical drive for that matter)…while the sony vaio sz does. Second, the processor is just very weak! You can’t do anything with a 1.6GHz. I mean come on, what was apple thinking??!

I am not a Mac-hater (i actually want to switch from a pc to a mac), but i just had to point out some major overlooked issues with the Macbook AIR.

So, my quest continues in search for my next notebook…and Macbook AIR hasn’t made it on my list. I mean, i am going to be in college next year…but you can still get a better package for a portable notebook.

The notebooks i’m most interested in remain the Macbook Pro (waiting for Apple to upgrade it – blu ray drive) and the Dell XPS M1330




Ok…it seems i won’t stop posting about stuff i find at StumbleUponP

but seriously, i found this: “How do you write “zero” in Roman Numerals?”
i’ve searched google, and it seems the number zero wasn’t discovered yet by Romans 😛

Update: Here is the link for stumble upon…apparently WordPress is stuck writing my URL infront of the link. Anyhow, thanks Marzouq and here’s the LINK


One Thousand

Congrats to ME! I just hit the 1,000 mark. Thanks to all who have contributed and ran into my blog by mistake…without you I would’ve not reached a thousand! Thanks.

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