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Sony Ericsson Aims, Fires and Hits!

For around 2 weeks i have been thinking of changing to smasung or Nokia’s N82 (which is a really impressive phone). I have been wondering where is Sony Ericsson? Why isn’t it releasing any phones? And now, the inevitable happens: Sony Ericsson is back, kicked every other phone’s ass and is about to take over yet again. Several phones are being launched in the second quarter of this year.

Sony Ericsson C702 & C902

Let’s start off with the C702 & C902. Now i don’t want to tell you technical specs, cuz u can find that on any phone-site. What i’m going to tell you is my opinion of the C702 & C902:
1. Design: Pretty neat (i like red with black) … unfortunately, looks like a small screen.
2. Specs: 5MP is a plus, looks like no Wi-Fi though 😦
3. Bottom line: A really cool looking phone with some muscle…the only thing i find low in this phone are Wi-Fi and screen size.

Sony Ericsson G700 & G900

This is the Sony Ericsson G700 & G900. I think this is the phone that will probably empty your pocket! It has everything you can imagine and want in a phone:
1. Design: Nothing really fancy – aside from the touchscreen – the phone is pretty straight forward (which i like, and consider a plus).
2. Specs: The list for the specs probably needs a post by itself, but i’m going to break down the most important: 5MP, “Touchscreen Organizer”, 3.2″ screen, Wi-Fi.
3. Bottom Line: BUY THIS!!! 😛

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

Now this is more of a business Ultra Portable Pocket PC. It pretty much has everything you want too, but some people might consider it big (I DON’T!! :P)
1. Design: Very cool and intuitive (I love QWERTY), Humongous screen, and very stylish.
2. Specs: Wi-Fi, 3MP, 3″ Screen.
3. Bottom Line: Buy if you don’t mind the size.

Conclusion of Post: SONY ERICSSON ROCKS!!

*Photos Courtesy of Engadget


I Want | Samsung Soul

Samsung Soul

This is really a revolutionary phone. I’m really liking it. It has a really cool feature in that there is a small screen/touchpad below the actual screen (look at pic above) that changes according to what you’re doing. It is a regular touch display. For example if you are listening to music, “pause”, “play”, “shuffle” etc. commands will appear on the small screen! This is REALLY cool. plus, it has all the great features that other phones have (most important: 5MP camera) + it’s slimmed down! This is a really pretty phone.

Phot Courtesy of GIZMODO + read original Article


Exactly What I Want…

Macbook Pro

This is exactly what i want the next Macbook Pro to be like !!! 😀


How Long?

Macbook Concept
Does anyone have a logical prediction of how long it will take Apple to release an improved Macbook Pro or Macbook? It’s been four years since they were released, and the Macbook Air sucks. So how long am i going to wait?

Also, does anyone out there besides me feel that the Macbook looks better than the Macbook Pro?


Sony Mylo 2


Sony has always been my number 1 brand. I love almost everything they make. Anyhow, recently, the Sony Mylo got an upgrade (Sony Mylo 2). Unlike the previous model, this one is actually eye candy. The finishing is much better than the previous model. My question is though: With the Sony PSP and the Sony UX series, who really wants the MYLO?


Ubuntu Review


Ok, where do i start? well, yes i know: IT SUCKS. For an operating system to succeed, it needs to work at a reasonable speed. Now i know my friggin’ laptop is so slow, bes the XP i have on it is much faster. I really used it for only half an hour. I never got used to it since it was extremely slow. I’m back to XP now. I will give it a shot later on but not now.



Yep! I’m downloading Linux Ubuntu and will try it out. I am doing so for two different reasons:

1. I’m really bored with my laptop and its OS (Windows XP) …. and since i’m going to change my laptop when Apple releases the new MBP’s (inshalla), i thought i could give UBUNTU a shot.

2. The percentage of people using UBUNTU is very small… (i like trying out things that people usually don’t have 🙂

–Oh, and i also like the logo :P–

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